The subject of the reconstruction is the restoration of the original monumental architectural design of the interior of the Theatre hall in the form before 1802, including the addition of the missing parts of the gallery, and opening of walled passages at the ground floor of the hall. A truss repair will be carried out, windows filling restoration, including folding window blinds, restoration of door panels and production of brand-new door wings. A new parquet floor, plaster repairs and final painting will be executed.

The theatre hall – the representative hall of the Jezeří castle, originally called The Main or also the Oval, is the work of an early Baroque reconstruction of the building, which was completed in 1712. 

It was adapted to the Theater at 1802 year, as a part of classicist interior modifications associated largely with a change in the hall function. 

The archival research confirmed that this hall served as a theatre until the mid-20th century. 

The works will include: professional restoration of all original artistic-craft items:

  • restoration and making of replicas of foreclosed railings, incl. gilding and incl. making of a new oak handrail,
  • restoration and new production of stucco elements – decorative volutes, mascarons and rosettes with pomegranates,
  • restoration of stone window sills and portals.

For more information about the Chateau history and relation of the Theatre hall to Ludwig van Beethoven see: 

  • Address:

    Cadastral Office, Jezeří, Plot No. 1/1, Land No. 1

    Cultural Monument – ÚSKP Reg. no. 42992/5-298 

    Czech Republic

  • Client:

    National Heritage Institute

  • Description of work:

    Restoration works

  • Realization: