• Address:

    Lyons Demesne, Kildare County, Ireland

  • Client:

    Dr. Tony Ryan

  • Description of the work:

    Restoration works

  • Realization:


The history of the Lyons Demesne Residence goes back to 1785, when the Lord Ncholas Cloncurry commissioned architect Oliver Gracee from Dublin to design reconstruction of the existing house to a spectacular noble palace. The former country house was built in the late 17th century. For the new palace of four tracts, the grey granite was used.

Dr. Tony Rayen bought the palace in 1996 and decided to restore carefully this historical object in order to preserve historical and architectural elements.

It was the GEMA ART restorers who carried out conservation and restoration of valuable grills, stucco, wooden accessories and mural paintings. The rest of the works included the large wall painting in the orangery, columns decorative elements and the glass roof reconstruction.