We realized this project for the Province of Sulaymaniyah. Based on the request of the ``Zhein Establishment`` of the Province of Sulaymaniyah We prepared training Course of Restoration and Preservation of Paper for team of specialist from this establishment which is responsible for the preservation of the Kurdistan literary heritage. The part of the contract was delivery of the equipment for the restoration and conservation laboratory constituted in the Zhein Establishment.

This course was prepared to train the specialists of the restoration workshop and conservation laboratory for further work with new equipment. This course was organized with close cooperation with the University of Pardubice and its training part took place in the Faculty of Restoration located in the historical part of Litomyšl city. This course comprised a theoretical and a practical part taking advantage of the interactive teaching methods and excursion to the laboratories of the National Library of the Czech Republic, National Archive and Museums, etc. The conservation laboratory and restoration workshop equipment, subject of the contract was delivered to Sulaymaniyah to serve the preservation of the Kurdistan heritage.

  • Address:

    Faculty of Restoration, Litomysl, Czech Republic

  • Client:

    Province of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq

  • Description of work:

    Course of Restoration and Preservation

  • Realization: