The recent construction of the city ring road and the Blanka Tunnel made it necessary to widen the roads in the Svatovítská street in Prague 6 City Ward. The “Powder Bridge” on the Myslbekova – Pelc – Tyrolka city ring road spanning across a railway had to give way to a new bridge which has the same appearance as the original structure. The historical lighting of the old Powder Bridge had not survived; only linear street lighting was installed there for several decades. Historicist lighting was now placed on the caps of the four pylons of the new bridge. Modified replicas of the lanterns from the Mánes Bridge in Prague were selected as the most suitable type, i.e. bronze lanterns modified to meet the modern technical requirements for lighting. The turnkey supply of the new lighting was provided by GEMA ART GROUP a.s.The replicas of the historicist lanterns were manufactured and installed by Pasířství Houska & Douda spol. s r.o. The electrical accessories of the lighting fixtures, revisions and connection to the municipal system of public lighting were carried out in co-operation with ELTODO a.s. and ELTODO-CITELUM s.r.o.

  • Address:

    Prašný most, Ulice Svatovítská, Praha 6

  • Client:

    Metrostav a.s.

  • Description of work:

    Production and assembly of lanterns

  • Realisation: