• Address:

    Ma´an Railway Station, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

  • Client:

    Consolidated Consultants for Engineering and Environment

  • Description of the works:

    Research and material analysis

  • Realization:


The Ma’an station complex is an important historical site in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Ma’an and its railway station were the seat of the first government of the Kingdom of Jordan, Abdullah I, and therefore the building known as the Royal Palace is depicted on the reverse of the 5 Jordanian Dinar note.

The scope of work for the Jordanian company Consolidated Consultants was to carry out a material survey and analysis of the building materials of the historic railway station. These included the Royal Palace, the Boiler Room, the Station and the Workshop Buildings.

The contract works were part of the preparations for the restoration project of this historical complex. Survey work and sampling of building materials were carried out in Ma´an. Subsequently, analysis and evaluation of the documentation was carried out in the Czech Republic. The final report prepared for the client evaluated the analyses of the samples taken and recommended the technology for the work to be carried out. The report evaluated the stratigraphy of the paint layers, focusing on the color of the historic interiors, the composition of the paint layers (pigments, binders), the composition of the mortars (types of binders and aggregates), and the content of soluble salts that damage the historic masonry.