• Address:

    11 Masarykova Street, Liberec

  • Client:

    The Liberec Region, North Bohemian Museum Liberec

  • Description of the works:

    Conservation and restoration work

  • Realization:

    04/2021 – 11/2023

The work on the project ``Restoration - paper - sub-collections Old prints and Jiří Harcuba Memorial (Rescue of treasures from the depositories) Jiří Harcuba Memorial`` is divided into three stages. The contractual partner is the Liberec Region, the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec.

The subject of the restoration work is a selection of 166 objects from the collections of the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec, the oldest museum of arts and crafts in the Czech lands, founded in 1873. For each of the first two phases, 50 objects were taken from collection of the Old Prints. The Old Prints collection began to be established immediately after the museum was founded and has an extensive collection of Renaissance and Baroque prints. The subject of the third stage is the restoration of 66 objects from the collections of the Memorial of Jiří Harcuba, a respected engraver and glass cutter and his ancestors. These include paintings, drawings, ornament swatches, studies, designs and models for the later processing of hollow blown glass and medals.