• Address:

    Královská obora, Holešovice, Prague 7

  • Client:

    Metrostav TBR a.s.

  • Description of the work:

    Restoration, conservation and construction works.

  • Realization:


Ongoing works are part of the implementation of the project for the modernisation of the Buštěhrad railroad. The section of the railway Praha Bubny - Praha Výstaviště, where the line enters the Royal Park (Královská obora), required expert reconstruction of the historical masonry of the park and dismantling of the stone elements of the railway viaduct for the sake of monument protection.

The works on the section “Praha Bubny – Praha Výstaviště” represents a major intervention in the original form of the railroad and its vicinity. The construction of the new station in this section required to ensure the professional dismantling of the old viaduct and treatment of the historical stone enclosure wall of the Royal Park.

The steel riveted truss bridge has been used by trains for more than 130 years (length 19.5 m, height 3.5 m and weight 35 t). The viaduct was built on the occasion of the Prague Jubilee Exhibition in 1891. GEMA ART carried out the professional dismantling and storage of the stone elements of the historic bridge structure, after which the steel structure of the viaduct was dismantled and transported to Masaryk Railway Station as an exhibit of the future Museum of Railways and Electrical Engineering.

The ongoing work on the modification of the Royal Park enclosure wall is closely coordinated with the ongoing work on the modernization of the railroad and the construction of the future Praha – Výstaviště station (Prague – Fairgrounds Station). This involves the expert dismantling and re-construction of sections of historic stonework, in accordance with the requirements of the progressing works on the modernization of the Buštěhrad railroad.

Video: Removal of the railway bridge at the Fairgrounds

Video: Dismantling of the viaduct in 22 seconds