• Address:

    State Castle Krásný Dvůr, Czech Republic

  • Client:

    National Heritage Institute

  • Description of work:

    Construction and restoration works

  • Realization:


State Chateau Krásný Dvůr is located in Louny County in the Usti Region. The original villa was built in the 13th century and underwent considerable transformation in the 18th century after it became the property of the Czernin family. A large English park with an area of almost 100 hectares has been established alongside the chateau which is now popular among the Czech tourists.

Based on the award of the National Heritage Institute we carried out the renovation of the existing two staircases in the State Chateau Krásný Dvůr (Beautiful Courtyard). The external staircases, which were the subject of the contract, are linking the Castle first and the second floor.
The renovation of the staircases required gradual removal of all existing elements — stone treads, thresholds, lanterns, and railings. All of the works were carried out under the restoration regime, gently and with the marking of all dismantled pieces for further reassembling. The undertaken work, running under the restoration supervision, required the implementation of protection structures, enclosures, and fences also.
The staircase structure was newly bedded by a new base and treated with anticorrosive insulation under the existing structures. The final color and surface treatment of the Castle staircases were be designed according to the Restoration survey, under the approval of the responsible representative of the National Heritage Institute and the project architect. The lanterns were restored.