Restoration of the objects damaged by the flood in different parts of the Castle Park in the area of the State Chateau Veltrusy was the subject of these contractual works.

The scope of the works includes restoration of the following historical objects: 1. Restoration of the Laudon Pavilion, 2. Restoration of the Dutch Peasant House basement, 3. Repair the Charlotte Chotek Chapel, 4. Restoration of the Egyptian Pavilion, 5. Reconstruction of retaining walls in the Fallow-deer Park, 6. Restoration of the saw pit, 7. Restoration of the Gardener’s House and 8. Restoration of the roof framing and covering of the Gardener’s House.
The professional works required additional restoration surveys, deep cleansing of historical structures, including removal of airborne plants and biocidal treatment. Furthermore, desalination of masonry, deep grouting, refilling of local missing volumes of the stone and joints binding materials, repair of pillars bending and stair grades, plaster repair, repair of wooden structures etc.
During the 2018 year was signed a small contract for the “”Reconstruction of the Chateau Veltrusy North and East wing ´Neck´ “”. The neck means hallway connecting two chateau wings, with terrace, wooden gates, doors, stairs and decorative forged railing.

  • Address:

    State Chateau Veltrusy, Ostrov 59, 277 46 Veltrusy

  • Client:

    National Heritage Institute

  • Description of the work:

    Professional construction and restoration work

  • Realization:

    05/2016 – 04/2017