• Address:

    Troja Castle, Plot of Parcel No. 1, Cadastral area Praha 7 – Troja 

  • Client:

    Gallery of the Capital City of Prague

  • Description of the work:

    Restoration, conservation and construction work

  • Realization:


In November 2023, restoration work on the restoration of the stone sandstone plinth of Troja Castle was completed. The work on this exceptional Baroque monument, dating from the 17th century, also included the restoration of the entrance stone portal and balcony.

After the work carried out successfully at the Troja Castle in 2018-2020, a new project was implemented for the Prague City Gallery. Its subject was the restoration and structural renewal of the stone plinth, a smooth sandstone strip about 43 cm high, which encircles the entire perimeter of the summer palace building. The work also included the upper part of the plinth, breaking according to the individual elements of the architectural morphology of the facades, the square stone paving, the balcony and the entrance portal.

The revitalization was carried out by a combination of conservation and reconstruction procedures. Those elements with more superficial damage were preserved. Reconstruction in the form of replacement with a chipped copy of the element in question was resorted to where the destruction was so extensive that large-scale modelling additions, which could hasten the destruction of the original element, would be necessary to restore it. Leakage into the stone portal was solved by insulating the balcony with lead sheeting.

The restoration work carried out reflected the extent of damage to the stone elements. Parts affected by bio-corrosion had to be treated, mechanically cleaned and degraded repairs removed. In the next stage, the stone could be strengthened and grouted, followed by plastic reconstruction, retouching and replenishment of the stone to its original format. After a general revision of the jointing, the color unification of the surfaces was managed using mineral pigments and the surface was treated against moisture. The top of the plinth was restored with a color coat respecting the original form.

For more information about the Château see pages of the Gallery of the Capital City of Prague:  http://ghmp.cz/zamek-troja/