• Address:


  • Client:

    Montage Inc.

  • Description of works:

    Construction and restoration works

  • Realization:


Based on the subcontractor contract with the U.S. company MONTAGE Inc. the GEMA ART has performed during the period 2017 to 2020 restoration and construction works related with the U.S. Embassy in Prague compound upgrade project. All of the executed works were carried out under the supervision of the representatives of the National Heritage Institute and the responsible authorities of the Prague Municipality.

The preliminary works comprehended a cleaning of historical perimeter wall vicinity, removing of vegetation damaging wall foundation, shrubbery cutting and weed trees felling. Then, the careful dismantlement of the perimeter walls followed, to allow the strengthening of the wall foundation. After the foundation strengthening a stepwise historical wall reconstruction was carried out. The stone masonry work was executed in conservation mode using historical stone masonry technologies and refined original wall stones, and finally historical way of the walls plastering.

The restoration part of the executed works was focused on the compound interior walls, including Gloriette, the most visible historical object on the Petřín hill slope. The GEMA ART stone-cutters produced capstones for all of the reconstructed walls and decorative stones covering base of outer walls of a new historicist building constructed inside the Embassy compound. Additionally, GEMA ART produced cast-capstones for newly constructed walls and cast-stone decorative elements for the façade of the new historicist building too.